Our Mission

GoatToBeZen Yoga was created with therapy in mind.

Our goal is to share the peace that goats bring while enjoying finding balance in our bodies from Yoga. 

Our Story

From the Start

When all the world is chaotic and stressful, I've always had my goats. 

Goats came into my life when I was young. Our first goat was a meat cross, whom I showed at the fair. His name was Fester because of his bald look and funny horns. I became so attached, that my parents bought him back for me during the auction and he lived out his days here at our farm. I loved going out to him and talking to him. He was my therapist.  

I can remember countless hours that I would spend out there just sitting with him and the relief it would bring me.

The Stretch

Yoga was always something to me that was work. Since High School, sports just became work. So, I didn't even go near them. 

That is, I became pregnant with my first child. The sciatic pain I felt, was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. 

I went through physical therapy, but had no relief. At that point I decided it was time to try yoga. Not only did it relieve my pain, it helped bring me to a calm state I hadn't felt before. 

Good Therapy

Animals, I truly believe were brought to us, to bring us peace and remind us how simple life really is. 

Combining yoga and the goats just made sense, balance and grounding from yoga; then add the cute antics and snuggles from the goats and you have quite the fun/relaxing cocktail! 

I've never seen anyone walk away from a goat with a frawn on their face. 

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